Sep 29
What time is it Mr Wolf?

​We made watches today. Can you see how carefully we have written the numbers? Is it dinner time?




Sep 22
Minibeast Invasion

​Just look at all the different creatures we found in the nursery garden. Great bug-hunting everyone!

Frog.jpgHand 2.jpg 

Hand 1.jpg 

 Hand 3.jpgHand 4.jpg




Now we know who has been chomping our sunflowers. Naughty slug!

Sep 22
Any-one for Tea?


Sep 13
Getting ready for Spring

​We planted some daffodil and snowdrop bulbs today.

IMG_5722 - Copy.JPGIMG_5721 - Copy.JPG 

We are looking forward to beautiful flowers growing in the Springtime



Jul 05
What a busy term!

​This term's topic has been 'When I am older,,,,' We have had lots of interesting visitors into the nursery school to talk about their jobs.

Darragh's Aunty Pauline came to tell us all about being a vet and how she helps to make poorly animals better. She brought in some bones and insects for us to look at.

Blog Pauline.jpg 

Amelia's Dad brought his Police-Car to the nursery school. Cover your ears everyone - the siren was very loud!


We are all expert window cleaners now. Thanks to Cole's Dad for showing us what to do.

Blog Liam.jpg 

Olivia's Mum is a nurse who looks after us when we are not well. Does that leg need a bandage?

Blog Nurse.jpg 

 Mrs Copestake teaches people how to swim. Maybe you have seen her at the swimming pool?

Blog ann.jpg 

Being a farmer is very hard work, there's always lots of jobs to do. Thomas's Dad came to tell us all about his work on the farm. Sid showed us a video all about life on his farm too. Godfery Goose was very naughty (but it made us laugh!)

Blog Thomas Farmer.jpg 

Blog Sid.jpg 

Arlo's Dad is a scientist and he told us all about working in a laboratory and doing interesting experiments.

IMG_3171 (2).JPG 


May 23
Well Done to our very own Sports Superstars!

​Mrs Kendall, Mrs Murray and Mrs Reed ran the Manchester 10k yesterday to raise money for new resources for the nursery. They ran together in the pouring rain. Freddie's Dad also ran in the Race and raised money for us too. Thanks for all your sponsoship money.


May 07
Our sunflowers seeds and sweet peas have started to grow.

al;ter seeds.jpgAletr sun flowers.jpgAlter sweet peas.jpg 

May 07
We've been busy in the garden

​All the bulbs we planted in Autumn have grown into colourful flowers.



May 07
Spring has Sprung!

​The cherry blossom trees look so beautiful at the moment "it's like petal snow".




Mar 24
Happy Easter. It's our Easter Family Day


E2.jpgE6.jpg E3.jpgE9.jpg




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