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Communication and Language


This area is divided into three smaller areas 1. Listening and Attention, 2. Understanding and 3. Speaking. On entering the nursery school, children’s language development will be increasingly influenced by their wider social experience and the impact of literacy. Although language development pervades all areas of the nursery school curriculum, these three areas are specifically taught on both a formal and informal basis.

The nursery school provides meaningful contexts for active language learning through play, exploration and investigation and all the accompanying discussions. This verbal interaction is supported and extended by the teaching staff in a relaxed and informal setting.

Enriching and extending children’s experiences of literature is also a priority at the nursery school. We provide a wide selection of books and our range includes factual, poetry, pop-up and story-books and tapes. The children very quickly familiarise themselves with books and are able to make independent decisions about the type of book that they particularly enjoy. RND3.PNG

Storytime is an important part of our daily curriculum. Here, groups of children share the experience of listening to stories, poetry and ‘big books’. During this time the children are encouraged to participate by predicting ’what happens next?’ to comment on the outcome of the story or to listen for the rhyme. As children become more familiar and confident with the conventions of the story, they begin to join in with words and sentences and look for familiar letters and sounds.
Children also have opportunities to listen to stories on tape using the headphones in the book corner and also to listen to stories on the computers.