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​Physical Development


A child’s physical development has a great influence on all the other areas of their development. This area of the curriculum includes both the gross motor skills e.g. running, climbing and the fine motor skills required for cutting, drawing and small construction.

At the nursery school we place equal value to both these skills. Outdoor play is a very important aspect of our provision and the activities are planned carefully to ensure safety and challenge. Children are encouraged to develop agility and confidence in using a variety of resources. Skills such as catching and balancing are encouraged through games and obstacle courses. Control and co-ordination are fostered through dancing and movement. Children are given the opportunity to move freely in a large space both indoors and outdoors.

Fine motor skills are developed in a variety of ways. Children are encouraged to fasten their own zips and buttons and manage their own snack. We provide a variety of activities to develop dexterity from manipulative play with clay and playdough to using scissors and sewing. All children are encouraged to draw and paint using pencils and tools in the correct manner.

We also include healthy eating and general health awareness as part of our physical development curriculum.