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It is widely accepted that children at a very young age become aware of the print, which is present in every aspect of the modern environment. Consequently, they begin to investigate their own role of writers through drawing and role-play. In the nursery school, we support and encourage this early development by providing meaningful contexts for writing, which are part of the child’s everyday experiences. In the home corner there are opportunities to write messages on telephone pads, shopping lists and menus. A baking session may result in a written list of ingredients and special days are celebrated with cards written and illustrated by the children.

Separate drawing/writing and painting tables with a wide range of mark making materials, a variety of paper and individual name cards provide the children with the opportunity to pursue their writing development in their own time and at their own pace.

During their time at the nursery school, the children all have their own ‘book-bag’ which enables them to take home a chosen book or a small version of a ‘big book’ they have shared in their story group at nursery school that day. We see this as a valuable link between home and school, where children can share their growing knowledge and enjoyment of books.