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​Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Personal and social education is fundamental to the development of the individual potential in all children.

There is no such child as a typical three or four year old. Therefore, from the child’s first visit to the nursery school, a key worker will begin to build a relationship with each child and his/her main carers. This key worker will become a source of reassurance and information in the early days and beyond. Only when children begin to feel secure and confident will they begin to find independence, become capable of making positive choices and start to make decisions about their learning.
As children gain confidence, we provide opportunities for co-operative play and positive social interaction. Children are encouraged to take part in small group activities, which require sharing and turn taking. Role-play areas give children the opportunity to participate in imaginative play. This may be with an adult play tutor, a small group or a larger group of children. Through these activities we aim to foster a caring attitude and respect for self and others.

As children become more familiar with the nursery school routine, they are encouraged to make independent choices and decisions. Materials and resources are within easy access to enable the children to organise themselves for a particular task or activity. Staff are on hand to encourage responsible behaviour and to enable each child to become more self-sufficient
At the nursery school, we encourage children to develop a growing awareness and a sense of responsibility for their immediate environment. Helping to tidy-up, looking after personal property e.g. coats, hats etc and putting books away carefully, all become part of the daily nursery school routine. As children grow in confidence and self-reliance, they may be given extra special responsibilities such as caring for a new child or sharing out the milk at snack time.

We also provide opportunities for children to become more familiar with their wider environment. Visits to the library, small group visits to local shops and local walks are always accompanied by discussion and observation. Road Safety, litter maintenance in the outdoor area and observing landmarks are, we believe, valuable learning experiences that promote a sense of responsibility and citizenship.