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Please find below our current school policies


Behaviour Policy.doc
British Values.pdf
Governors Annual Report to Parents 2016-17.pdf
NMNS Accessibility Plan 2015-18.pdf
NMNS Administration of Medicines.docx
NMNS Admissions Policy Approved April 2017.pdf
NMNS Adverse Weather Policy.docx
NMNS Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf
NMNS Attendance Policy .pdf
NMNS Charging & Remissions Policy March 2017 (Ver 2).pdf
NMNS Child-protection-policy 2017-18 (Version 8).pdf
NMNS Collection Policy .pdf
NMNS Complaints Procedures Policy.pdf
NMNS Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) Nov 2015.pdf
NMNS E-Safety and Internet Policy 2015.pdf
NMNS Food & Drink Policy July 2017 (Version 1).pdf
NMNS Private Fostering Policy .pdf
NMNS Separated Parents Policy.pdf
NMNS Single Equality Policy.pdf
NMNS Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy.pdf
SEND School Offer 2015.pdf

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