New Mills Nursery

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Working Together

Children benefit the most when parents and carers and the nursery school staff work together. Parents make valuable contributions to the nursery school with their time, efforts and skills. If you would like to help in the nursery school or at fund-raising events, please speak to a member of staff or sign the various lists that appear near Christmas and nursery school events.


All parents will receive a Home-School Agreement when their child joins the nursery school. This document was developed by a group of staff, parents and Governors to strengthen the relationship between home and school.


You will have the opportunity to formally discuss your child’s progress with a member of staff in your child’s first and final term. However, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with a member of staff at any time during the year.

The nursery school has various family activities and events throughout the year. Christmas is a key event in the nursery school calendar and we will try to inform you of the dates of concerts etc., as soon as we can.

Please send your child to nursery school in suitable clothing and footwear. We have paint and glue available most days and whilst we do provide aprons, accidents will happen. Please do not send your child into nursery school in their best or favourite clothes. The outdoor area is focused towards children developing their physical skills and agility with large play equipment, bikes etc. and clothes and shoes that restrict your child’s movements can be problem e.g. very long skirts can get in the way when a child is climbing or riding a bike, and present safety issues. Please do not send your child to nursery school in dressing-up clothes or masks. Please bear in mind that clothes and shoes can also get muddy or dirty when children are playing outdoors, especially in the winter months. Please always send your child to the nursery school in appropriate footwear, ‘dressing-up’ shoes or slip-on shoes and flip-flops are not suitable for sports and outdoor play. It is always helpful if you
send your child to nursery school in clothes that they can manage themselves and foster independence skills. Dungarees and belts are very difficult for children to manage themselves when going to the toilet. Coats with no buttons or zips and are pulled over heads are tricky too.

We have purchased outdoor clothing consisting of waterproof coats, hats, trousers and wellies. These clothes will enable children to play outdoors in the rain and protect their clothes wherever possible from mud.

Although we have some spare clothes, we have found it much better for each child to bring in a named bag containing their own clothes to stay on their coat-peg. This means that your child will always have the right sized clothes and clothes they are happy to wear. Please send your child with a bag containing their spare clothes clearly marked with their name.

Each year, in the Summer term, the school asks the parents for their views of the school. Parents will be sent an electronic questionnaire using Microsoft Forms. From the replies, we develop an Action Plan for future development.