New Mills Nursery

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Be Kind
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Ofsted Report

Our school has consistently been rated as a ‘Good’ school by Ofsted. A copy of our most recent Ofsted inspection (September 2019) is available using the link below.

New Mills Nursery School Inspection Report September 2019

This is what the inspector said about our nursery school:

  • “Children get off to a good start at this happy little school. Staff are very kind and caring.
    They show children daily routines, such as lining up sensibly or sitting at a table to write,
    paint or make models. This means that children feel secure and safe from when they begin.”
  • “The headteacher leads the school well. She expects all staff to work together so that every
    child receives the best possible education. Staff plan interesting and challenging things for
    children to do.”
  • “Leaders ensure that staff design the curriculum well. By the time they leave, children have
    the knowledge and skills they need and are eager to learn more. Staff consider the needs of every child. They welcome those with special educational needs and/or disabilities into the school. They adapt their approach and support these children well so that they can join in and achieve well too."